Animal Health Advice


…not to be taken internally.Scan 238



…(this one is loosely based on a true story…friend of mine from school wanted desperately to be a hair dresser…he was far from “cool” and couldn’t get an apprenticeship for love nor money…till his Dad stepped in and bought a run down salon in a retiree type area…all twin sets, fake pearls, and blue rinses…the existing staff were kept on with the proviso that the son became the new apprentice….best story he ever came back from work with involved a very particular, regular customer who’s pride & joy was her budgerigar ….(the bird’s name escapes me)…when my mate asked after said feathery friend the client burst into tears and explained (insert budgie name here) was no longer with us… stylist friend consoled and asked “how did it happen”…she explained that she was vacuuming the bottom of (insert name here)’s cage and she sucked him up by accident…he didn’t survive the transition from cage to bag….my friend had to leave the room to laugh his arse off and faned deep grief on his return…supposedly, it’s all part of the training.)….


my budgie was called K.C…..

..after the NZ pro-wrestling star King Curtis.

If I Needed A Hobby

Scan 179


…knitting would not be it.


…(and I was so excited about drawing the last frame that I left out the bit that stated that Foo Foo was allergic to the wool)….(early Alzheimer’s or just going too damn fast?).