Where Have All The Abba Albums Gone

…don’t ask me how the stop/go guy suddenly became the reason that I can’t secure good quality Abba albums for the shop…the conversation that evening was just working that way, alright?…

…supposedly it’s what’s going thru their heads when they are standing there trying to decide wether you are deserved of passing thru whatever obstruction they are there to guard the gate of….Scan 261


…no, I never worry about my mental state, that’s for you, dear reader, and the authorities to lose sleep over.

I Really Don’t Know What To Call This One

…in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted my supply of witty titles (see yesterdays effort)…Scan 136


…or is it that the city council had the road outside my house chip-sealed yesterday and since 3am this morning every car going past has sounded like a fucking freight train?…



…nap time!