Oh to be a seal

…without annoying bendy appendages it is so much easier to relax…
10:01:13 - 01

…although with hands you can wave the flies away from your nose….
10:01:13 - 02

… and legs could walk your sluggish ass down to the dentist every once and awhile.
10:01:13 - 03
 … so that’s a “no” to being a seal…

Sealed with a Snoz

…. I go out to Aramoana (google maps, boys and girls, go have a look) every Monday (my only day off) to visit my dear friend Dee…. she likes sand in everything, the pleasures of out-door toilets and the like….. we go walking on the beach in all weathers… it is as far from a record store as you could possibly be without being on Mars… and being Monday we practically have the place to ourselves…

Dee has names for most , if not all, of the resident sea mammals… of which there is a plethora….

… you can tell the different types (but not their names) by the shape of their noses….here are some examples….

A. Sea lion
10:01:13 - 06
B. Seal10:01:13 - 05C. Fur seal10:01:13 - 04

I find it helpful to be able to identify what is chasing me down the beach because I got too close whilst taking photos, you may find it helpful too.