Heavy Shelling @ Bored In A Record Shop

… I am very busy …. following my stats….. far too busy to write cohesively ….

10:01:13 - 10

…. seems that the young chaps whom I photographed for my post


have discovered the evidence and are in the process of letting all their mates know…

10:01:13 - 12

… while I do appreciate the huge spike in “views”, I hope for their sake that they take into account the small degree of separation in NZ….

10:01:13 - 13

…and that they haven’t “friended” their employers on facebook at some point in the past and forgotten about it….

10:01:13 - 14

…. so if you , my small gaggle of regular followers, will  forgive my distraction…

10:01:13 - 15

…  and  accept this gift of shell pictures until I return to my usual, little noticed, self.



…Aramoana is a certified crustacean station…. they’re all over the place….some have outrageous hair styles…10:01:13 - 19

10:01:13 - 18

…others appear to be sunbathing…

….unfortunately all the ones I get to photograph are deceased… which is of no particular surprise..

…if I take into account my love of crab meat….

…I’d run like hell as soon as I saw me to.

Cthulhu Fetish

Oh, tip shop how I love thee, let me count the ways…10:01:13 - 17…it has been suggested to me that this is not tourist inspired folk art from the isles, made out of cowrie shells and fishing line, but a Cthulhu cult fetish for the purposes of waving about whilst the drums are beaten in the hills above Dunedin…have tried shaking it but it doesnt seem to attract the attention of any gigantic tentacled monsters from Antarctica… maybe the batteries are flat?