Do Invertebrates Have Bucket Lists

Scan 434


…and before Frag’ asks, here’s a picture of the landing…



…(actually, it’s the time of year for octopi to spawn in this neck of the woods and sadly they’re one of those species who die after they’ve reproduced…a nice piece of synchronicity to go with the above cartoon…. damn, but they’re huge!).

Japanese Monster Movie In My Head

…which was probably just as well for the rest of the world at the time that this ‘toon was conceived…Scan 54


…having said that, my good friend Dee assures me that this is a very accurate portrayal of my demeanour during nicotine withdrawal.

…(note spelling correction at top….”let ’em know it’s done by hand,son!”…..or…. “can’t change that now the ink is on, you idiot!”).