Heavy Shelling @ Bored In A Record Shop

… I am very busy …. following my stats….. far too busy to write cohesively ….

10:01:13 - 10

…. seems that the young chaps whom I photographed for my post


have discovered the evidence and are in the process of letting all their mates know…

10:01:13 - 12

… while I do appreciate the huge spike in “views”, I hope for their sake that they take into account the small degree of separation in NZ….

10:01:13 - 13

…and that they haven’t “friended” their employers on facebook at some point in the past and forgotten about it….

10:01:13 - 14

…. so if you , my small gaggle of regular followers, will  forgive my distraction…

10:01:13 - 15

…  and  accept this gift of shell pictures until I return to my usual, little noticed, self.