Another One

…and thankfully the last…Scan 280


…the conversation that spawned this and the other road-worker/Abba mash-up hit upon only 2 Abba tunes that this character will work with….

…and I’m sure that you’ll agree that if you come up with any others that we may have missed you’ll keep them to yourself so as not further encourage this sort of behaviour.

Where Have All The Abba Albums Gone

…don’t ask me how the stop/go guy suddenly became the reason that I can’t secure good quality Abba albums for the shop…the conversation that evening was just working that way, alright?…

…supposedly it’s what’s going thru their heads when they are standing there trying to decide wether you are deserved of passing thru whatever obstruction they are there to guard the gate of….Scan 261


…no, I never worry about my mental state, that’s for you, dear reader, and the authorities to lose sleep over.

The Trouble With Composing An Explanation In Your Head

…is that by the time you come to type it, it’s bloody well disappeared…

…I really need my internal monologue to become more external and involve a shit-load more pencil action…

…something something something, that yeh/nah thing that Kiwis do when you ask them to answer a yes/no question, something something something, possible origins, something something something…Scan 260


…you’ll figure it out and get back to me….won’t you?