A Pattern Is Forming

…every time I visit my sketch book for finished art ideas…
Scan 52

…I’m reminded what a wonderful thing it was to be infused with the madness of nicotine withdrawal and how explosively creative it made me….

…would you all think ill of me if I re-started so that I could re-quit…

…to paraphrase a local health professional….

“tobacco, a marvellously stimulating drug,  shame about the delivery  system”.

Make A Helicopter Noise

…now sing the next bit in a Jim-Morrison-from-the-Doors voice….Scan 53


…and that, boys and girls, is why you shouldn’t take up smoking in the first place…

…nicotine withdrawal is like tripping in a Saigon Hotel room at the end of the Vietnam conflict.

Japanese Monster Movie In My Head

…which was probably just as well for the rest of the world at the time that this ‘toon was conceived…Scan 54


…having said that, my good friend Dee assures me that this is a very accurate portrayal of my demeanour during nicotine withdrawal.

…(note spelling correction at top….”let ’em know it’s done by hand,son!”…..or…. “can’t change that now the ink is on, you idiot!”).

Born To Live On

…To-bac-co Mountain….

…with the barkers and the coloured balloons….(apologies to Neil Young).

Scan 55

…the sketch book from this period is filled with blame and finger pointing…

…in a fog of impending nicotine withdrawal I completely lost sight of the fact that it was my own (completely unfounded!) health issues, rather than Governmentzillas continuing tax hikes, that drove home the final nail in my particular smoking coffin…


A Figment Of Your Anticipation

…the publics expectation of post-xmas sales coincided with the end of my nicotine patches this festive season just past…Scan 56


…by coincidence the execution of this illustration, depicting the prevailing temperament towards non-regular customers asking for not advertised or offered-in-any-way-shape-or-form discounts marks not only 6 months without nicotine in my system, but  the first day of my first sale….

…. alll sale goods going on Trade Me (E-bays kiwi cousin) so don’t ask in store unless you want a reaction like the above.