Originally Titled

…something like…”The Proletariat Disappears Up The Right-Wing-Banker-Tax-Breaks-For-The-Rich-Interest-Hike-Petrol-Price-Rise Arse Of Our Current Government”Scan 76


..but I changed it to “Give Me A Goddam Cigarette”.

It Occurred To Me That When

…Hollywood was moaning that using our scenery, expertise and actors for their moving picture shows was costing waaaay too much …

…and the dear old NZ Govrenment was handing out tax breaks, workers-rights breaks and the like in ever increasing handfuls…

… that, as unpalatable as it all seemed at the time, there is a simple phonetic reason for the outcome…Scan 183


…and that, boys and girls, is why the film industry wasn’t taken away from us.