Walking Down the Street

…on the side of the road where there’s been a kind of a yard-sale going on the last couple weekends….

…a guy was sitting on the old couch part of the old lounge suite..

..as I greet him, I know him …he’s been in the shop,…

…I glance down…IMG_0874IMG_0875IMG_0880IMG_0881IMG_0882


…these are on the ground, next to the hedge…

…the Tui and the Piwakawaka (fantail) are two of my favourite NZ birds (the Kokako will always remain my number one… check his call!)

…they are approx’ 25cm in diameter, hand painted and signed by the artist in pokerwork….

…I only had bus fare in my pocket… “home-from-the-dentist-clutching-my-aching-face” bus fare…

…he accepted my half price offer..

…had no fillings, so I walked home without pain but with treasure.

No I Have Not Read It

…found this at the Tip Shop the other day…Scan 69


… the content doesn’t live up to the marvellous cover though… within a few paragraphs it became apparent that it was written by someone whose grasp of science fiction was not that which is possessed by fungus crazed, smock wearing, alternative reality mongering, bald, green, zombies from some long lost episode  of Star Trek (original series)….

…shame really… it’s even got a flying lizard on it.

Cthulhu Fetish

Oh, tip shop how I love thee, let me count the ways…10:01:13 - 17…it has been suggested to me that this is not tourist inspired folk art from the isles, made out of cowrie shells and fishing line, but a Cthulhu cult fetish for the purposes of waving about whilst the drums are beaten in the hills above Dunedin…have tried shaking it but it doesnt seem to attract the attention of any gigantic tentacled monsters from Antarctica… maybe the batteries are flat?

Curse you tip shop!

…curse you for you have made me question faith…IMG_0668…how can the man who gave us the little baby Jesus have also given us dinosaurs, moose / hunting and, if you look to the small bronze statuette in the bottom left of the picture…. the enema????

…before all you amateur theologians  inundate me with scripture quotes and the like, please note that the above is a rhetorical question …. (although  if you can identify the grouping of pink hands hanging from the moose antlers, I’d appreciate a note)

This collection of items is displayed upon my toilet cistern so I contemplate them on a regular basis and will probably figure this out for myself.

When the Cats Away

Somewhere, deep in the back of what passes for my mind, this little project has been percolating…

…I’m sure that it is high on the priority list of every Bored-record-shop-owner to stockpile quantities of weapons grade, pure NZ wool blankets & crocheted knee throws…. (not to mention premium quality “looking-cushions”)…



… until one day , when your flat mate has left you unsupervised and in the company of a more easily led friend , you “Christo” the living room…



… please tell me everyone aspires to this….my freedom in the greater community depends on it.



… all back to “normal” and having a nice cuppa in under an hour and a half.

Who’s got the reds blues and browns?

…. not to mention the oranges, purples and the rest of the yellows??IMG_0666IMG_0665


… I’ve been trying to acquire enough Duraware cups (saucers optional) to make a “cup-spine” in the corner on the kitchen table for ages… if you see them, they are mine… they were misplaced… if you paid for them, your sense of ownership is mistaken…I assure you that possessing them is my divine right… in ancient times it was ordained by the great Duraware-cup-gods that all the Duraware cups should belong to ME… Ahhahahaaha…

um… could I just borrow a few of them for a photo?…


Impractical Applications for Hand Painted Numbers and 70s Wallpaper

….couldn’t resist either of these finds and have been enjoying having the house to myself over the holiday break… room to spread crap out without the sighs or clicking of tongues….IMG_0641

…3/4 of a roll of 70s wallpaper (predominantly orange… the best kind! ) and a set of hand painted numbers from a some sort of Olde Worlde  sports club (leave some pencil on them son… show the buggers they’re done by hand)…..IMG_0645

… could the wallpaper be cut into 3 and be mounted on board…. could hooks be placed at  artful intervals to accommodate various arrangements of the numbers (40 + in the set)….Hmm?…Hmm?..


…could my friends and relatives have justified cause for sending for the nice man from the UK who specialises in talking hoarders out of their caves…. (only if they catch me doing weird stuff like this)….