Recently Used Adult Nappy

Scan 91

…if you haven’t been following this series of cartoons in my “UK Toons” category then you probably won’t recognise the item Mrs. Axelgrinder hands our young hero for what it really is…

…hence the title.

Finding The Inner Foo Foo

Scan 57

…oh, hey…I’ve just figured out I should be tagging these “webcomic”….

….wish I’d thought of that ages ago…(try my “UK toons” category for more of this stuff)

…welcome aboard…feed back appreciated…. advice ignored!

I’m Game If You Are

Scan 27Scan 28


…with the recent influx of “followers” I feel it wise to point out that if you’re are finding these strips a bit “in-jokey”, you can see them all in reverse chronological order by scrolling to the bottom of the page and hitting “UK Toons” in the list of categories….

…this has been a public service announcement.