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Looking Cushions – a cautionary explanation.


So… you find these beautiful tapestry cushions at your local refuse recycling depot, they are without a doubt the finest examples of tapestry cushions you have ever seen….They appear to have been made by someone’s colour-blind maiden Aunt in a fit of post vision-questing psychosis (the photo does not reflect the true vibrancy of the colours)….

You must own them…  you pay the price then scuttle home to your lair ….scuttle home to arrange and rearrange your latest acquisitions… the latest jewels in your collection…. your precious, as it were….

During the course of the evening “someone” decides to abandon the lumpy couch to seek a more comfortable sitting experience upon the floor… she stands… she crosses the room… she plucks one of the aforementioned cushions from its artfully considered, carefully positioned, resting place… then casually tosses it to the floor and makes with a descending backside maneuver that could be considered detrimental to well being of YOUR cushion…

“NO! Stop!” you cry “Those Are Looking Cushions!!”….

Once again my “post-cigarette-quitting-tourettes-like-outbursts” fail to reflect my true meaning or  take into account my friends and family’s (unintentional) inability to interpret my unique world view …

… I said “sorry“…. even after “someone” picked up said cushion and vigorously rubbed it on her posterior….nice.

I can no longer look at the “looking cushions” and have decided to sell them on the intraweb.

(before anyone mentions it, Dee & Mo “allowed” me sit thru that BBC doco’ “Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder” on Monday night….they made understanding noises throughout and glanced often at me with knowing glances… they assure me that they have secured the services of the therapist featured in the programme…supposedly I am easily treatable in these early stages…)

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