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Sketchy 125

…having slowed down on fresh ideas I’ve started trawling thru the previous sketchbook looking for old ideas to throw a fresh coat of sketch on….

…Four Square guy is a staple but has been done to death (should just do the original idea I had and move on!), but I think there’s still some room to move on the national bird….

…(especially now that I’ve added prosthetic wings and pointy teeth)…

…(‘ware the kiwi)….

…(watch the skies)….

6 responses to “Sketchy 125

  1. The long peker of the kiwi looks to me, al of a sudden, like a middle age pest mask. Danger all around.

  2. I thought for moment you had donned the wig etc … perhaps you have or should.

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  3. Am liking the kiwi’s stripey socks!

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