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Far From What The Title Suggests

…”Temporary” will be a benchmark in Dunedin music for a loooong time…

…I’ve been waiting for this release, trying not to fidget and go “is it here yet”, since I heard the test press in store, aaaages ago…

…it’s fucking brilliant…

…a perfect snapshot of the woozy, jangly, alt-pop that has been coming out of a very talented group of Dn musicians for the past couplathree  years…

…wonderfully informed by, but not at all similar to, all those crusty old farts from 25 yrs or so ago…

…and lovingly put together by Mr. Henderson at Fishrider records…

…if you can’t come to Too Tone to buy one, go forth and bother your local record shop or seek a digital copy (thru legal channels of course!!)…


…this is the shit.

10 responses to “Far From What The Title Suggests

  1. hmm your link to fishriderrecords just goes to a copy of the picture, however I pasted the link into my browser and it worked, so am assuming that you in your giddy exuberanceness have put the wrong link behind your typing thereby bamboozling your dear readers and knobbling Mr. Fishrider’s chance of a sale mayhaps. 😀

  2. A stellar review! You write so well Tony.
    Frag is the best Link Tester around!
    I’ll give these chaps a listen- especially after THAT review….

  3. F.I.L.T.A over and out be careful out there. 🙂

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