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Beware The Xmas Squirrel

…beware the xmas squirrel!!!….IMG_7209IMG_7211IMG_7212IMG_7213




….(…. I must have missed the memo on this one…seems that evil looking, lit-from-the-inside squirrels are all the rage for Christmas decor this year…)…

…(must rush to the post xmas deco’ sales and secure some today!).

12 responses to “Beware The Xmas Squirrel

  1. Holy CRAP! (Nearly soiled m’self then…) 😦

  2. stripman

    Xmas toilet paper, maybe ?

  3. Best hope he doesn’t drop that hand grenade when you switch him off.

  4. Hey- I think you’ve portrayed squirrels in a bad light….

  5. William

    Ha! Maybe it’s the waking pneumonia talking, but this is the best thing I’ve seen today.

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