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Taking your kids record shopping.

While we do consider ourselves child friendly here at Too Tone records some people stretch the bounds of record shop etiquette a little too far….IMG_0229

… case in point, a three weeks old child abandoned on top of the Jazz section so that her father can shop “hands-free”…. Not a good look…and I’d have to admit my hand was hovering over the direct dial button for our local child welfare service … If only I’d rung when I had the chance…


… a month or so later the same child is left on the floor whilst the mother sifts thru the Easy Listening/Lounge Lps…. A trip hazard of serious consequence considering most of my customers can only see the stock at hand, completely unaware that I even have a carpet.

Said child was, unfortunately abducted by carpet mites (thus removing the trip hazard) and now leads a feral existence under the record cabinets, surviving on the bits of food that don’t stick to the front of my shirt & the dried skin flakes that fall from shedding Record geeks.

You have been warned people…. Your Kids are welcome here, but don’t leave them lying around.

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