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Streetscape Beautification

….even though it may appear that I spend an inordinate amount of time working hard on my blog and getting stuff done around the shop, I actually spend the greater part of my day just staring out the window…

… so, it was with apoplectic quantities of delight that I look up the other day to discover that some kind soul had artistically altered my world view ….IMG_0752

… with a tag….


… oh joy, thought I, a word puzzle…. what could it mean?… who could it be by? … did they do it just for me so that I might fill the void ,that is my mind, with the  thought processes necessary to untangle this visual conundrum….

…I couldn’t have been happier…

….I looked down, then up…

…and it was gone…

… removed by the graffiti “doctor” ….vandalised by the fun police.


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