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20 responses to “Pre911

  1. The header is hilarious!
    Post 911- would you draw this one today?
    It’s easy to take all your detail for granted- it flows.

  2. 911 seems to have changed everything. And nothing. People may be quicker to take offence to a strip like this, but does that mean that one shouldn’t draw such things? Kinda like how they removed that scene with the Twin Towers from that Spiderman flick. It was done due to issues of sensitivity, and as such ought to be applauded, but just how far do we go before we’re not allowed to touch on anything any more for fear of offending somebody? Humour by its very nature is irreverent anyway. Should we stop laughing about things? I don’t think I want to live in a world like that. (Sorry, bit of a mind flow happening there.)

    • ….laugh at everything…till the majority, moral or not, tells you shouldn’t…(then let your own moral compass tell you what’s right…hopefully it passed it’s last warrant of fitness with flying colours)….

    • Great point Tony! Of course, I think we could argue people may take offense at the entire Sedgewich series….
      Gawd… I slay myself! Hahahahahahahaha!

      • …slay yourself?…self immolation or bomb belt?…

        …(am beginnig to think that the title should have been “written & drawn pre911”, which is actually what I was intending to convey!!!)…

        …(but debate is healthy).

    • You posted it… you live with the comment-quences….
      I slay myself with gobs of chocolate. I got an actual chocolate treat tonight so I’m a bit giddy. (I’ve been off chocolate for a few weeks- it’s been hell.)

      • ..if the consequences for all my posts were disjointed conversations with your good self and the other Tony I could post happy man!…

      • I sure have enjoyed it!
        One of the best things about this here interweb is meeting cool artistic folks named Tony.
        Tony rhymes with pony so you know it’s a good name.
        Pam rhymes with lamb which prompted a classmate in first grade to call me ‘Pam the Lamb’ to which another classmate, Henry, AKA Sedgewich USA, to say ‘Dam Pam’.
        Pamo, which has the added ‘o’, like in Tony, is a much improved name. Rhymes with slamo, flamo, camo, and banana (in some languages).

      • …er…Pamo..Lambo…ding dong?….

      • LOL!!! Okay- Pamo out. See you on the flip side.
        Looking forward as always to more Sedgwich!
        Have a great day my friend.

      • …you too…my day about done in the shop…off to draw or garden or something…see you Tuesday…same bored place…same bored channel…

  3. Ooh I missed all the banter, damo.
    Loving the swap, 🙂

  4. The poor teddy goes through a lot to keep Sedgewick happy. I could picture this really happening with some bratty kid

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