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Tracks And Sign

…resident large male sealion heading for the dunes…IMG_6754

….black swans could use more roughage….IMG_6769

….have dubbed the above “swan cigars” amid much giggling & pointing at bird poop….sigh.


…(extra post today because I missed yesterday…not busy just a dose  of spring man flu…ill enough to forget to eat my lunch…which I didn’t discover till I went to make my lunch this morning only to discover…sandwiches!)….

7 responses to “Tracks And Sign

  1. ginbralter ⋅

    I’d rather watch those Black Swans than the Movie of same said title, having said that it depends on my mood. Get well, or enjoy illness, hot toddy!



  2. You forgot to eat your lunch and you just called Paul ‘Frag’. Rest buddy. REST!
    Feel better soon.
    Poop photos… not disturbing at all. Of course, I just picked up poop all around my yard (three dogs) so perhaps I’m immune. Poop.

  3. Reading this was slightly surreal. Get well soon so I can be me again.

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