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Lockdown 16

….Good Friday got gooder…..

…and gooder….

…and goodest….

…mmm….not from a can sardines….

4 responses to “Lockdown 16

  1. Fabulous, you lucky buggers, everything is closed here today, even the Fish Market, and ON A FISH FRIDAY … oh yeah it’s Semana Santa. Frozen Calamari and Octopus it is then. >

    • …(as fresh as they look…they were frozen from the supermarket!….haven’t cooked fish in years and kept seeing these swimming in a bed of crushed ice…thought I might have a go at recreating the sardines I enjoyed that time in Sidi Ifni…sun setting into the Atlantic, fishing boats coming in, local young couples with chaperones out for a stroll)….
      …(not quite but almost!)…

  2. Very healthy. Well not for the fish of course ….🤣

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