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Paintbook 63-64

….the packaging said “64 sheets”…

…bastards were counting the end pages!…

…completely screwed my numbering system…

…couldn’t bring myself to use the covers…

…so smacked them with a collage of all the post it notes to self that go with the finished pieces I’ve worked on….


…will count the pages in Paintbook II before I start the numbering….


…and here is a video run thru of the whole thing….

13 responses to “Paintbook 63-64

  1. Beautiful book. Is it a printed edition or is it the original work? Either way it is a mammoth undertaking and achievement, without a single mammoth to be seen.

  2. Agree, fantastic book! And when I saw „DOOOM“ I thought of DOM and DOOM and if you like that site, I recommend to have a good look to the whole blog of kid 37, especially his newest entry, and follow the link to „nordart“. Mind boggling.

  3. Hope you are safe and haven´t to battle against the floodwater.

    • …I battle against the flood water every time it rains…NEV sewage system backs oover flows the storm water system and makes my toilet do very disturbing things when you flush it…never overflows but with climate change you can never tell what will happen when you push the button!….

      • You probebly live at the nord side and not uphill the other side. My first home during winter 1990 was far down the Norththumberland Street, 25 or so. After freezing nights we had tap water from about 11 am. Another problem with water. So, not the best choise.

      • ….on the flat…right across the road from Lyndsays Creek!!!…worst choice ever!….

  4. It should be „north“ not the german „nord“, and choice. I nearly had to go down one class at school because of my poor english.

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