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5 responses to “Don’t Touch That Dial

  1. Chicken Fried Comics ⋅

    Nice! For some reason, I can’t access your site from my WordPress site anymore.

    • …hmmm…have you contacted “them”….I know that I’ve had other folks stuff become unavailable to me ….only to find it accessible elsewhere….can’t imagine that I’ve annoyed the South Korean Gov’ enough to be blocked there…hmmmmm….

      • Chicken Fried Comics ⋅

        It’s just my home PC, I can see your stuff from the uni I work at. Strange.

      • ….some one in your home must be blocking access to cartoons of a low-brow nature & dubious educational value…admirable behaviour!….(we’ll probably have to wait for aaaages before Edward Snowden reveals who it is)…..(treat everyone with suspicion)…

      • Chicken Fried Comics ⋅

        ha ha ha

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