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23 responses to “Ich Bin Ein Schnappsie-ite

  1. I’d have a listen. Just out of curiosity. 😛

  2. ginbralter ⋅

    There’s still room on the cover for some octopus action. Just do do it.


  3. Richard Grahame ⋅

    Lol Tony..

    I think there may be a new story line for Mrs Axlegrinders dog here.. magic button indeed!


  4. stripman

    Nothing on YouTube… There’s a lot about Schnappi the baby crocodile though…

  5. “Schni, schna, schnappi …” I even understand the lyrics.

    “Magic Button”? it enables you to speak in tongues?

    “Schnappsie” is it a synonym for “alcoholic” so the mash up translation could mean “I´m an alcoholic”?

    In german “Schnapp sie”, in two words, is a dog command, meaning: “Grab (or Attack!) them (or her)!”

    Language! It´s a virus!

    I.e. what could this mean: “Bud & Poliser – Hänvisas till Köksingangen” as I read at a door just around the corner of your place, Tony, can you translate? Ta.

    • ….so we have a an alcoholic dog (that explains the hat & the imaginary friend) who speaks in tongues…who may or may not be a sign writer in my local area…

      …the plot thickens….

      …(uncle google picks the above phrase as swedish…”Bud and police – Refer to Kitchen No Baling”…your guess is as good as mine)….

  6. P.S. dazed an confused, since early morning, by your mind-b(l)oggling

  7. I found someone who is looking for this record, might pay more than your kids record man 🙂
    I left a link to this post, here’s the link to his post 🙂

  8. S’ok you can pay me when you’re rich 😃😃

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