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Lockdown 26

…the last of the completed +oneware that I haven’t shown you yet….

…was kinda saving this one in the vain hope that I’d be able to reveal it to the friend I made it for before sticking on the blog….

…mate Steve is an incurable cricket fan….part of that group of ratbags commonly referred to as The Beige Brigade…and perpetrator of one of the finest crowd catches I’ve had the pleasure to watch on the TV news and now can’t find on the bloody intraweb….

…(hey, Seedy!…send me the link)….

…halfway thru the last cricket world cup (that young Steve spent all his savings and accrued leave on)…(only to come away with memories of New Zealand’s fourth placing)….I started to make this….

…kind of a talisman to point at members of the opposing team in the vain hope that they’ll screw up….

…thinking that it would be a nice house warming gift for him when he got home “with” the trophy….

….note that the beige line work that is next to the darker tan line work is not showing up in these photo’s…shoulda picked a darker beige….(what?)……(also note tricky “round-the-edge” signature….half eaten fruity snack for scale)…

…if only I’d thought of making it before Steve left…the cup could have been ours!….

9 responses to “Lockdown 26

  1. Jan De Stripman van Vlierden ⋅

    I never really understood cricket, it’s all football and cycling up here, but I like the way the matches seem to go on for ever. Those were the good old days, when there were matches…

    • ….cricket,I think, is a test of spectator patience….I must admit to finding it tedious at the best of times…and subsequently haven’t watched it for years!….(don’t tell Steve)….

  2. A missed opportunity. Good for deterring burglars I should think.

  3. Pamo ⋅

    It is beautiful!!! Really lovely.
    Maybe next time Steve.

  4. That fruit looks freaking enormous, is it an NZ thing? Looks like a large Unicorn took a bite out of it. 7” vinyl is pretty good for scale, as is 12”, depends on what impression you’re trying to make, 10” just confuses the issue. That aside, a great gift, made with mucho affection.

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