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Stringing You All Along

…still stalling for time on the big secret project….

…in my defence, I did finish this piece this year….


…has anyone else noticed how hard it is to light metallic paints for a clear, all encompassing snap shot?…..

…stay tuned for more prevaricating and fart-arseing around in our next episode….

9 responses to “Stringing You All Along

  1. Photographing highly reflective objects is best done in total darkness without a flash. It never fails to eradicate unwanted reflections, the downside being that you can’t see anything in the photo.

  2. Very something or other! Probably other. Luvvit.

  3. Love it!You have inspired me to paint a table with fishies…given my lack of patience its turning out a lot messier than this though 😁

    • …cheers Clare…you’d be surprised how messy this actually is…all I can see on it is the lumpy lines where I should have washed the brush three strokes ago and the smears where I “rubbed-out” a colour that was applied in the wrong place with my thumb!….(looking forward to seeing the table)….

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