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Sketchy LI

….I was approached to contribute to a contemporary comic…

…fuck…it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve drawn sequentially and wasn’t quite sure I still had that skill set…

…dug out an old idea from 5 years ago and gave it a test drive…

…then they started talking about checking drafts and I got a confidence wobble and backed away quite quickly…

…seems things have got a lot more regimented since I was publishing…

…but hey, I’ve this plotted in case someone is less edity and I get over my own lack of confidence!….

7 responses to “Sketchy LI

  1. Let’s hope they read this blog and leave a comment telling you why they wanted you in the first place and reassure you that you are The Guy for the job.

  2. Hate that regimented stuff…stifling. Start your own underground comic. Oh wait you did πŸ™‚

  3. ….yeah….still trying to get my head back into that space…doesn’t want to fit…too many obsessive lines to draw…. (ps…great to see you back Clare…have missed your comments and post…

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