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My Cousin Has An Amusement Park

….and, boy, was I amused…IMG_0267


…I know health & safety is of great concern to one and all everywhere in the entire, but shouldn’t there be a common-decency-proof-reading-committee or something…

…I’ll swear my aunt, who conducted our tour of said facility, couldn’t understand why I needed to photograph this sign.

6 responses to “My Cousin Has An Amusement Park

  1. dinkerson

    Lol! I wonder if aunts and moms just feel a compulsion to act clueless about such matters.

  2. …you sure Dink’… guess where I inherited my nose for ‘shine!!…

  3. At old Yankee Stadium many of the lower level seats had a sticker on them that read “Be Alert. [next line] Foul balls.” I tore one off once, brought it home and put it up in my bathroom!

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