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We Got An Election Coming

…it’s a total fiasco…

…dirty politics taking up more media time than actual policy…

…and nobody standing out to me as either likeable or competent…

…till now….IMG_2287


…this appeared in the ‘hood, in the style of another party’s posters….

finally… some one to vote for….

…I understand that he’s a great uuurrrator.


9 responses to “We Got An Election Coming

  1. Perfect. Maybe he can come run over here in the States for office next.

  2. Thats great! Yes, its more about Stupid than the Economy this time. Sad

  3. zombies don’t replicate by boinky I’m sad to tell you, but politicians do 🙂

  4. Best-looking candidate so far. Best he’s gettin’ lotsa boinky

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