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Dave Sim And The Single Page

….so Dave Sim (Cerebus the Aadvark) puts it out that he will spread the wealth by by paying $150 for single page cartoons…(circa 1989)….I’m not sure how many he received, but I was very pleased with myself when a cheque for $150 (Canadian) arrived in my mail box…
Scan 435


…what I’m not sure of is if he ever published any of them….

…any clues?….


17 responses to “Dave Sim And The Single Page

  1. Ha!Oh look , we’re up at the same time 🙂

  2. I’m an American; I know nothing of the world beyond my borders! Certainly nothing of the nature of Canadian currency.
    Anyway… Congrats, mate! 🙂
    I’m unemployed as well. That Single Page provided me with a wealth of happiness though.
    I thank you for that and hope you get to the bottom of the curious Canadian currency mystery at last.
    Good day, evening, morning, or night.

    • …cheers CT…if only I’d invested it…it’d be worth…oh…at least $175 (canadian) for sure…sigh…happy to share the wealth of happiness with you…(how’s the drawing coming along?…haven’t seen anything from you for quite a spell…)…

      • Yeah, I know, I’ve been out of sorts for quite some time now… Life. Meh.
        No good excuses, just lame reasons.

        Got set up, I’m about to dig into the old wordpress blog dashboard, gotta figure out how I’m gonna facilitate everything now.

        You know, I could always…
        BLAME Canada!
        …but I won’t.
        Cheers, T!

      • …strength to you my friend…let us all know when it’s on the go…

  3. This is fabulous! I love this page!!! And how cool that you got actual money for it… in whatever currency!
    I love the little tagline at the bottom about you selling mini-comics.
    You ROCK Tony!!! Amazing stuff. 🙂

  4. Dave Sim… now there’s an interesting chap. Hoo boy!

  5. Had to google him I’m afraid, sounds like a bit of a character from his wiki bio, glad he paid you though and this is the perfect single page!

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