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Aramoana Sunset

…the sun going down behind Mt. Cargill…IMG_7960IMG_7961IMG_7965IMG_7963

…and Dee standing in it…

…listening to the young mullet (we think) jumping to catch bugs….

….like standing in the rain without getting wet…

…then a royal spoon bill flew low in line with the other side of the inlet all lit golden like a painting on silk….


6 responses to “Aramoana Sunset

  1. fishriderrecords ⋅

    Beautiful Tony. They need more octopus. But beautiful for all that.

    • …I was holding an octopus in my other hand when I took this…does that count?…photos really don’t do this justice and how the hell do explain the flip sound a small mullet makes upon re-entry?!?….had to be there….

  2. The sound to it: “We all fall down” or “Radio Silence”?

  3. Beautiful Tony. I almost felt you hold your breath.
    (And that came out way more weird than it sounded in my head.)
    I’ll leave it though.
    Love these photos. More please.

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