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Finding The Inner Foo Foo

Scan 57

…oh, hey…I’ve just figured out I should be tagging these “webcomic”….

….wish I’d thought of that ages ago…(try my “UK toons” category for more of this stuff)

…welcome aboard…feed back appreciated…. advice ignored!

8 responses to “Finding The Inner Foo Foo

  1. so wonderfully bonkers. 🙂

  2. dinkerson

    Yes, ’tis bonkers. It get’s worse? I’m game.

    Kinda starting to like Mrs Axelgrinder. I think I understand her.

    • …the more you understand the A’ lady the closer you are to being put in a home by your nearest and dearest…

      …good to see you back Dink’….the Northern hemisphere summer is killin’ my stat’s!!!…come back inside people!….

      • dinkerson

        My stats are pitiful these days. From averaging 170 per day to like… 10.

        Remember those illusions of grandeur when you first started this? Or was I the only one thinking that way?

      • …wow, I’m glad to hear you thought I had delusions of grandeur as well….was beginning to think I had an ego problem!…

        …know what you mean….but did start this with the aim of just getting things out their for ME…was hoping that the grandeur would follow from a show of good hard work…delusions just come natural!…have been reminding myself a lot lately, as the manic phase of giving up cig’s subsides, that this IS just for me….and of course you!…

  3. haha so disturbing =D

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