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5 responses to “Hanging

  1. heh heh, do ours too please 🙂

    • …could this be he beginning of an international service company?…. I couldn’t possibly do them all myself….

      • I would have said yes, but now Mr.Snowden has told us all our communications are read by the CIA and MI5 I don’t suppose we’d get anywhere. So I will reluctantly have to decline your kind offer. 🙂

      • ..ah…yes…PRISM…the best advertising money can buy…has anyone picked up on the notion that if we all signed off on our digital communications with “f**k the USA” instead of whatever epithet we usually use that no Gov’ in the world could sift thru all that info, let alone pay to have it stored…

        …oop…was I ranting again?…the red mist came down and….

      • mind you, free cloud storage of all your data is not to be sniffed at… we’ll know where to go if our PC’s crash 😀

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