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Worse Than A Cliff Hanger

Scan 606 Scan 607

…much worse than a cliffhanger…..

…I’m out of town and off-grid till Tues’….

…no speculation can be entered into…..


…(see you Tuesday).

11 responses to “Worse Than A Cliff Hanger

  1. stripman

    Now it gets really interesting !

  2. how will we cope in a world without Dereks??

  3. I do believe you are going out of town and will be off the grid. That I buy.

    I don’t believe you can stop drawing the Dereks and store and contents. It will reappear in some time and in some space. Perhaps not this week or next week or even next year. But I cannot live in a world where Dereks and their store doesn’t exist. I cannot.

    You are AWESOME Tony and inspire me artistically more than words can express. No matter what you draw or when you draw it… I’ll be waiting. Have a great weekend, don’t work too hard and have fun.


  4. Very sad not to see any more Dereks…but I can see how they take a lot of time, they are exquisite. Maybe, maybe do them but not so often?..anyway, Im with Pam, you can never axe these things, they just transmogrify, grow six heads and generally get bigger!But at the end of the day only you know whats right for you.
    And you inspire me too..
    Enjoy the break…

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